Myka open-source media player takes on Apple TV

Chris Davies - May 19, 2009
Myka open-source media player takes on Apple TV

Attempting to take on the Apple TV comes Myka, an open-source digital media receiver that trades movie studio approval for a standalone BitTorrent client and more A/V codec support than you could shake a metaphorical stick at.  Packing hard-drives up to 500GB in capacity, the compact box also supports remote access from any internet-enabled PC or cellphone.

Video demos after the cut


As you can see in the image above, connectivity includes HDMI, composite and SPDIF ports, together with two USB host ports, a USB slave port and ethernet.  The Myka runs on Sigma Designs’ SMP 8635 SoC, catering for both CPU and DSP duties, and there’s also a WiFi adapter squeezed inside there too.

The team behind Myka say they’re in negotiations with “major content owners, studios and TV networks” to get some more legitimate media onto the box, with Netflix support also tipped as just around the corner.  Until then, it looks like a sleek way to download content and play it back.

Myka is available to order now, priced at $300 for the 80GB model, $350 for the 160GB and $460 for the 500GB.

[via technabob]

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