My Cable Company Offers To Cut Down The Service Cost, Voluntarily

You don't get these every day. When was the last time you heard anything positive about the tyranny Cable company? Bad service, terrible manner, incompetent technical support, excessive service cost...and the list go on. I am sure most of you been there and done that but I experienced something different today, something positive for a change.

My account was overdue (don't ask), service was shut down so I called TWC at North Dallas area to pay the bill. While waiting on the customer service to reactive the account, he brought up a conversation if I like to lower my bill with no cost on my existing service. As Jon Stewart at The Daily Show would normally say "Are you kidding me!" No, he wasn't kidding but I was skeptical especially to a bad standing customer like me. He shaved $29 off my monthly service because I was paying too much and I wasn't even complaining.

This incident changed my point of view about the cable company, they would never offer to lower the rate in any way unless you threaten to leave. But not today, for once, I speak of Cable Company with smile on my face.