MSI Slatebook due Q3 2010 with 3G carrier partnerships

Chris Davies - May 25, 2010, 3:45am CDT
MSI Slatebook due Q3 2010 with 3G carrier partnerships

MSI have already told us to expect their Windows 7 MSI Slatebook tablet at Computex next month; now they’re spilling a few more details to suitably whet our appetites.  According to company chairman Joseph Hsu, the Slatebook will go on sale in Q3 2010 through carrier partnerships in the US and Europe; it’ll have integrated 3G and WiFi connectivity.

As the previous rumors suggested, the Slatebook will use Intel’s Zxxx range of processors, though there’s no word on whether they’ll be Z5xx or newer Z6xx at this stage.  Hsu has also confirmed a multitouch touchscreen, both USB and HDMI ports, and a weight of 800g; we’ve also heard of a sub-$500 price tag before now.

The Windows 7 slate will apparently be the first of a series of MSI Slatebook tablets, presumably encompassing the much-rumored Tegra 2 based model.  Hsu reckons global demand for tablets is unlikely to take off until 2011, at which point he expects “supporting applications and services” to be suitably ready.

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