Mozilla rolls out Firefox OS Simulator version 3.0, adds Push to Device

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 14, 2013
Mozilla rolls out Firefox OS Simulator version 3.0, adds Push to Device

In the middle of December 2012, Mozilla launched Firefox OS Simulator version 1.0, which was followed up a short time later with the release of version 2.0. Less we get bored waiting, the company has now rolled out the 3.0 version, which it calls “rough around the edges.” Among other things, Push to Device has been added.

Despite the fact that it is still a work in progress, Mozilla said it wanted to launch the latest version so that the community can test it out and contribute in the form of feedback and such, as well providing openness so that enthusiasts can stay updated on the company’s progress. The features that have been added to the simulator are the by-product of user feedback.

Perhaps the two biggest added features are Push to Device and rotation simulation, both of which have been extensively requested by users. Push to Device allows a Firefox OS-supposed device, you can connect it with its USB data cable and push apps to the unit from the simulator. Likewise, rotation simulation is straight-forward: you can use it to rotate the simulator for landscape and portrait.

Some other features include what Mozilla says is a basic geolocation API simulation, so developers who want to include geolocation in their app can now test it. It provides both latitude and longitude values. There’s now manifest validation to check for errors, as well as a variety of stability fixes. Those interested can grab version 3.0 now from Mozilla.

[via Mozilla]

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