Motorola Z9 For Sale Now

Oh, you've never heard of it either? Well that might be why its only for sale on Ebay, and furthermore, why it's the only one.

The gentleman selling the phone says that it won't be out for a couple of months, and then says other than a few scratches around the screen and the fact the backlight for the keys don't work, it's flawless. The guy also says that it's really just a Razr2 but in a slider form factor.

Now, the guy is clearly looking for a $500+ sell price as the buy it now price is $600 and he says he will include the data cable if the bidding reaches $500 or more. The gent also says that, at least until it's released to the public, you'll be the only one on your block with one of these.

If it weren't for the pictures, I'd call bullshit, but the pictures are very convincing. It has Bluetooth, a 2MP cam, GSM chipset, SMS, Calendar, e-mail, MP3 Player, speakerphone, video, and it's unlocked, right now its sitting at $255.10, and only has 7 hours and 24 minutes left to go, so the bidding ends today, I suppose only a few of you know how tempting it is to remove part of my life savings from the bank to buy this, but I thing I'll hold off.

[via intomobile]