Motorola tells cellphone addicts: get bent

I'm pretty sure the people at Nokia are scratching their heads about all the verbiage surrounding Motorola's new Z8 slider with its "Kick Slide" - after all, wasn't their 1996 Nokia 8110 similarly curved to cater to the typical swooping jawline?  Ancestry aside, the Z8 is a pretty nice step up from the run of the mill V3-rebranding the company has been pumping out lately, with headline features including HSDPA and – a first for Motorola – using the Symbian OS.

With one fell swoop, then, Motorola should silence a whole lot of their critics who bemoan the (admittedly dire) OS previous phones have been saddled with.  The 2.2-inch QVGA screen and A2DP stereo Bluetooth support should ice that metaphorical kidney too.


The Z8 comes with 90MB of internal memory, boosted by a microSD slot, and is a mere 0.6-inches thick.  A typical 2-megapixel camera and 5hr talk-time are par for the course.


Should be available first-half of 2007; look for it in the hands of fashionistas, hookers and pontiffs.

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