Motorola seeks trademark on Xoom name

Motorola is one of the companies that had made a big comeback and reached sales that it hadn't seen in years on the back of the Android operating system. The company makes some really popular Android smartphones. Motorola is at work on a new Android tablet that has been talked about a bit already and so far, we have few hard details on this tablet.

Motorola just filed for a trademark in just about all major markets around the world for the Xoom name reports Pocketnow. The trademark Motorola is seeking will be registered in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the US, and Canada. With the product being global in nature, it would make sense that we might be looking at the name of that Android tablet.

We don't know for sure that the Xoom name will be the Honeycomb tablet, but it's a good guess. The category that the trademark will cover the Xoom name in is for mobile computers and related accessories.

[Via Android Community and via Engadget]