TripleWatch Cellphone Concept

Those crazy guys over at Yanko Design have done it again, this time showing off Manon Maneenawa's 3-in-1 cellphone, wrist watch, and alarm clock. When folded up, the clock functions can be used as either a wrist watch (by inserting it into the wrist holster seen up on top) or a standalone alarm clock. By flipping the device's two panels open, a full-sized cell phone is revealed underneath. While this is merely a conceptual design, it's still intriguing, though the tendency to throw one's alarm clock out a window would need to be curbed to keep from trashing your cell phone too. It's unlikely that we'll ever see a cell phone like this (outside of some specialty stores like The Sharper Image), but if we do, will it come with EV-DO?

[via Yanko Design]