Motorola CPEi300 and CPEi800 WiMax Modems

What better place to unveil your offerings of WiMax modems than at WiMax World USA? That's exactly what Motorola did, with one of their offerings, the CPEi300, appearing to be production ready or better.

The CPEi800 is mostly the same thing as the CPEi300, except the i800 has 4 Ethernet ports and WiFi, so I am just going to give the stats of the i300. First thing I must say, it looks pretty good for a wireless broadband modem, other than that, there are 4 ports and a reset button on the back. From left to right, there is a phone jack, Ethernet port, power port, reset button, and lastly another phone jack.

The CPEi800 as I already said, adds 3 more Ethernet ports suggestion an integrated router of some sort, it also adds WiFi, with a couple of ports for antennas. The i300 will start selling later this year for $200 and the i800 won't be available till next year, and for an undisclosed price.

Motorola unveils desktop WiMax modem [via TGDaily]