Motorola 2009 Verizon line-up leaks

Images of Motorola's 2009 range for Verizon Wireless have been spotted by the Boy Genius Report, and while details are scant the handsets are at least not RAZR-rebadges.  Four devices are on show, the Calgary – shown here – together with the Flash, Rush 2 and Inferno, all shown after the cut.  Two are QWERTY sliders, an increasingly popular form-factor, with a touchscreen candybar and touchscreen flip rounding out the line.

The names are all believed to be codenames, rather than necessarily what will make the final cut, and when exactly each will see a release is unknown.  The most specific timeframe is for the Rush 2, expected in Q1 2009.  Of all the devices, that one is perhaps the least unusual in design terms; it's also unclear whether it uses a touchscreen like the other three do.

No detailed specifications beyond CDMA, but expect Motorola to pull out all the stops – on certain handsets at least, we're thinking the Calgary and the Flash which both have "premium" written all over them – to try to claw back some market share and profitability.  Also unclear is what OS the devices will use.