Modular Dishwasher simplifies life

Tired of unloading your dishwasher? This Modular Dishwasher by Anna Lopez may be just the thing to get you off the hook.

I am the absolute worst about leaving my dishes in the dishwasher as long as humanly possible and just pulling out what I need. I admit it's not always the best concept. This concept design features a dishwasher that is meant for the dishes to just stay in. It has two separate compartments that wash independently. The idea is that it houses your dishes at all times, eliminating the need to unload your dishes.

The only fault I see in the design is that most of us have a lot of dishes, and they won't likely all fit in this. It would have to be a very large dishwasher to house everything. If it were it would take a lot of materials and would then of course be way to expensive for the average person. However, you have to start somewhere, and the concept is neat to think about.

Dishwasher concept eases workload [via ubergizmo]