Mitsubishi HC6000 1080p projector: great visuals, quiet & flexible

If you're serious about home theatre, you've probably skipped past the whole "LCD or plasma?" debate and instead started browsing through projector catalogues.  Sound & Vision have been taking a look at Mitsubishi's HC6000 projector – capable of 1080p high-definition and of taking 24p input and frame-doubling it to luscious 48p – and come away wowed by its impressive visuals and setup flexibility.  Priced at $3,995, the HC6000 isn't exactly a cheap option, but you'd pay a whole lot more for a 92-inch TV.

Big, rich images are only possible, of course, after you've set your new toy up, and Mitsubishi have done a good job there.  Using the fully-backlit remote it's straightforward to tweak the motorized zoom, focus, and horizontal/vertical lens-shift, all helpful when you consider many users will be hard-installing the HC6000 (as S&V point out, it comes with an install-friendly serial connection and 12V output).  Of course, there are plenty more settings after that, enough to get it really singing in any room.

In use, S&V praise the quality with both standard and high definition media, and save particular credit for the Auto Iris mode which optimizes contrast on-the-fly.  The fact that it's the quietest projector reviewer Brent Butterworth has ever tested doesn't hurt either!  The Mitsubishi HC6000 is available now, and it obviously comes highly recommended.

[via AboutProjectors]