Mitsubishi developed Linux-based Car in-dash Blu-ray player

Daniel Lim - Feb 16, 2009, 1:20 pm CST
Mitsubishi developed Linux-based Car in-dash Blu-ray player

Mitsubishi Electric unveiled it latest automobile In-dash player with a Linux-driven Blu-ray player to be integrated with its Windows CE’s car navigation systems. Like most automobile in-dash player, the thin profile 1D1N Mitsubishi Blu-ray player is a shrunken version of home-used Blu-ray player, at the size of 1/3 smaller than the regular shelf component units.

Technical details and BD standards of the prototype were not revealed; initial report only covered media compatibility from BD-ROM, BD-R and BD-E, as well as redbook CD and DVD optical disks, and its physical challenged in reducing the player to fit in automobile standard. Anti vibration is not mechanically damped, but is well controlled with a reduced disk runout level to 1/5 that of company’s existing products.

The company also revealed plan to commercialize the device by this year to be used in Mitsubishi Car navigation. No price or oversea release has been announced for the player at this time.

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