Microsoft trying to satiate the “Save XP” campaign

James Allan Brady - Feb 7, 2008

In case you didn’t know, there is a movement on the internet, an effort to save Windows XP from extinction. Its being run by Infoworld and so far has over 75k people signed up.

Their goal is to extend the sale of XP to forever, I like it, I love XP, and if I had to choose a Vista upgrade or death right now, I’d probable be shopping for rope right about now. But the best a Microsoft rep can come up with is that they are “aware of it” and that they are listening to “feedback we hear from partners and customers,” when they clearly aren’t since there are over 75k people that took the time to sign up for this campaign, so really they must only be listening to partners who can move more and pricier higher-end hardware if they push Vista on everyone.

So far the only thing we have is that public sale of XP will cease on June 30th, it will continue to January 2009 for system builders and vendors for those resilient business users, and then XP Starter Edition for “emerging markets” will continue to be sold through June 30th 2010. Hopefully they listen and continue selling XP past June 30th, best case scenario is they open it up so that a community can be built around it and developers can find and fix bugs and such without MS having to spend any money on maintaining the OS, but that probably won’t happen.

[via pcpro]

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