Microsoft Halo 4 will work on Surface

If we said just several months ago that Halo 4 would be playable on a device other than the Xbox 360 or a Windows PC, you probably would have thought we were crazy. But that would have been before Microsoft announced its impending Surface tablet platform. In an effort to make the tablet a success right out of the gate, Surface will be able to play Halo 4.

Microsoft president for interactive entertainment Don Mattrick, who has become the company's poster child at its annual E3 press conference, made the announcement at the recent GamesBeat 2012 conference. He did not go into detail on exactly how it will work – if there will be a different version of Halo 4 for Surface or if the game was built specifically with Surface in mind.

Of course, the "second screen" strategy is a big part of Microsoft's strategy moving forward, so perhaps Surface will act as an augmented experience of the core Xbox 360 game. If this is the case, it would be unclear whether or not such an experience would be possible with other tablet devices or if it is designed exclusively with Surface in mind. Stay tuned for details.

[via VentureBeat]