Microsoft firm on Kinect sex game ban

Chris Davies - Dec 20, 2010
Microsoft firm on Kinect sex game ban

Microsoft has put the dampeners on the possibility of Kinect sex games, insisting that “adults only” titles that used the motion-tracking peripheral for erotic purposes would neither be certified nor condoned on the Xbox 360 platform. The somewhat puritanical stance follows Austrian developer ThriXXX’s demonstration of a 3D adult game making use of the Kinect, which allowed a gamer’s hand to be tracked and mapped onto the body of a scantily-clad on-screen avatar.

At the time, ThriXXX admitted that Microsoft hadn’t been involved in development of the unnamed smut sim. “We do not have permission from anyone on any of this stuff, and have been using stuff from the hacker community to do a working prototype” VP of business development Brad Abram said, though he suggested that, should the Kinect maker prove unimpressed, “maybe we would give it away for free as part of the open-source community efforts.”

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