Microsoft claims Windows 7 is guilt-free, laptop at fault in battery issue

Microsoft recently announced that they would investigate some user upgrades to Windows 7 that provoked a new warning message (not seen XP or  even the problem-ridden Vista) suggesting that users "consider replacing their batteries".  Turns out the software giant have reached a verdict  that Windows 7 (and naturally therefore Microsoft) isn't actually at fault.  Who, or rather, what is?  Absymal laptop batteries, according to the MSDN blog.

Micfrosoft claims that their new method, which reports when a battery is down to 40% of its designed capacity and suggests replacement, hasn't reported a single false positive.  The blog post reports: "To the very best of the collective ecosystem knowledge, Windows 7 is correctly warning batteries that are in fact failing and Windows 7 is neither incorrectly reporting on battery status nor in any way whatsoever causing batteries to reach this state. In every case we have been able to identify the battery being reported on was in fact in need of recommended replacement."

Microsoft's word to be taken at heart, or not?  Well, at least they've at least afforded an explanation to this issue.  Plus, the OS maker assures that it will continue to look into this issue.

[ via CNet]