Microsoft and Goods pair up to make Gold Zune 2s

James Allan Brady - Dec 4, 2007

Microsoft commissioned Goods to make 20 gold Zunes. 10 are 80GB models, 10 are 8GB flash models. They look nice, and they are obviously made with gold. No word on price, and I am sure the line is short for a gold Zune, but its still probably longer than 20 people, so it will be interesting to hear what price was actually paid for each of these limited edition models.

I’ll admit, I used to hate the Zune, I still do hate the first edition one I have, but these new Zune 2s are quite attractive. The Zune Originals makes them even more attractive, but taking that step further and covering them in gold and slapping the Goods artwork on the back, well, that just makes it so much better. However due to me having an iPod Touch, and monetary restrictions, I won’t be jumping in line for one of these Zunes.

Music entwined in gold: Limited edition Zune 2 [via born rich]

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