Microsoft 234-inch touchscreen not really suitable for Windows Phone [Video]

Ah, Minority Report; whether or not you love the film itself, it's been incredibly useful as shorthand to instantly encapsulate an eye-catching multitouch environment. Microsoft's display at CeBIT 2011 earlier this month certainly delivered on that: interactive presentation specialist Stereolize put together a whopping 234-inch touch-sensitive display for the company to use.Video demo after the cut

According to Stereolize, the "Microsoft Cinema" display is the largest touchscreen in the world. It's not entirely clear what resolution it's running at – this is certainly more than the WVGA you'd get on a Windows Phone – nor how many points of multitouch it supports, but for grabbing attention at a busy trade show (and then encouraging people to sit and watch) it's perfect.

[via istartedsomething]