Metallica to star in their own Guitar Hero title

I'm still undecided about the whole idea of focusing a Guitar Hero game around a single band. Sure, GH: Aerosmith is going to feature other great bands too, but as much as I love Aerosmith, I think I might get tired of mostly songs by the same band. Well it seems that Activision loves the idea, because it seems that they've already got another band-themed title in the works. Perhaps you've heard of a little band called Metallica?

Yes, many metal-heads and hardcore Guitar Hero (and Rock Band) fans love thrashing wildly to the insane note charts of Metallica's tracks, so why not make a game based on the band? I actually think that this game might receive a more warm welcome by at least the hardcore rockers out there.

We only know so far that the game is titled Guitar Hero: Metallica and that it is on their agenda for Fiscal Year 2009. This tidbit of info was discovered on a recent SEC filing from Activision, so no official word from the company out side of this just yet.

[via PS3 Fanboy]