Meizu M7 is supposed to be iPod Touch killer

When will Apple, or more precisely its competitors, ever stop. The iPod came out so long ago, and even to this day it's the bar with which you have to compete, every new MP3 player that comes out is an iPod killer. There is no Zune killer (maybe because it did a pretty good job on its own) there isn't a Sansa killer, only a bunch of iPod killers.

Well that's the goal of the Meizu M7, to be the iPod Touch Killer. The specs include a 2.81" touch screen at 480x288 pixels with a 15:9 ratio. The actual device dimensions are 89x48x7.3 millimeters. It can play H.264 at 720x480 a 30fps via its TV out port.

It will be available in 2, 4, and 8 gigabyte capacities ranging in price from 70 euros all the way up to 110 euros. The worst part is it looks, and appears to act, almost exactly like an iPod Touch that's white and doesn't have a dock connector. Its all the other features of the iPod Touch that make it the better choice, starting first with the fact its guaranteed to be yet another high quality product from Apple instead of some knockoff junk.

iPod-Touch Killer Meizu M7 Specs [via pmptoday]