MeeGo for N900 and Atom netbooks later this month

Got a Nokia N900 or an Intel Atom based netbook, and keen to play with a new OS?  According to MeeGo Technical Steering Group member Valtteri Halla, the team behind the Nokia/Intel open-source platform plan to have a rough and ready baseline to a source and binary repository to build MeeGo on Intel Atom devices and the N900 smartphone by the end of March 2010.

That's faster than many would have assumed was likely, and seems to indicate that both Intel and Nokia realise many have taken a "put up or shut up" wait and see approach to MeeGo.  Halla also took the opportunity to confirm that while Qt, OBS and RPM had been settled on for MeeGo, other technologies were still being discussed and would appear in announcements and support wikis over time:

"Further selections are mostly still under discussion and beyond a few obvious ones (X, connman, ofono, gstreamer, dbus,...) can be considered as working assumptions for MeeGo 1 release" Valtteri Hall, TSG, MeeGo

[via SlashPhone]