Medusa HDMI Splitter – one input, multiple outputs, it’s a great thing

James Allan Brady - Mar 27, 2008

This splitter would allow you to easily display the same thing across up to 3 different devices. That means you could have an output from your HD receiver going to your DVR, TV, and Audio Receiver without having to try and connect all three in some convenient way with only one source.

It supports HDMI 1.3, not quite the latest version, but likely closes enough. It also supports that 1080p resolution that everyone is so hyped about these days, I’m still sitting over here reppin’ CRT (if only there were a CRT gang sign)

Other than those things the only benefit this model has over other is size since this one seems particularly small compared to other HDMI hubs I’ve seen. No word on price, but its supposed to be available from GeekStuff4U sometime this month.

[via Coolest-Gadgets]

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