Matrix M6001 LCD Watch

The Matrix watch is a little bit different then you're normal run of the mill watch. It uses LCD bars at the top and bottom of its display to show you the time. Sound difficult? It isn't.

The top (tall) bars are your hour indicators and the bottom (small) bars show you minutes in 5-minute intervals and a small "broken" box over the 0 on the bottom left shows you exactly how man minutes are left in your 5 minutes. Ok maybe that didn't boost your confidence in it's simple-ness but if you look at the picture you'll get it.

It has a stainless steel body, with stitched leather that comes in an assortment of colors so you can find your perfect match whether male or female. They're only sold out of Korea but you can always go online at and get one for around $74 if you have a translator.

Matrix M6001 Series [via technabob]