Marvel's Iron Man VR For PS VR Revealed Ahead Of 2020 Launch

Sony has announced that Marvel's Iron Man VR game will arrive on its PlayStation Virtual Reality platform in 2020. The company released a game trailer to go alongside the announcement, as well as a couple of screenshots showing the title's quality on the PlayStation 4 Pro console. The game is the result of three years of effort by video game developer Camouflaj.

Marvel's Iron Man VR is exactly what it sounds like — a virtual reality game that allows PS VR owners to play as the iconic Marvel superhero Iron Man. Yes, that means being able to fly in the air in an immersive VR environment in addition to wielding powerful weapons and interacting with other Marvel characters.

According to Camouflaj, the game was built from the ground up specifically for virtual reality gameplay. The title ultimately revolves around Tony Stark, offering gamers what the developer calls an original story that is 'heartfelt' in addition to being new. Players will literally fill the shoes of Tony Stark and experience the narrative of his life in a way only made possible by VR.

The main villain in this game is Ghost, a classic super-villain in the Iron Man world first introduced in Iron Man issue number 219. 'Ghost's fight against Iron Man is both ideological and personal,' the developer explained in a post today. The trailer above hints at this storyline while showing off both characters and a bit of gameplay.

Marvel's Iron Man VR will arrive on PlayStation VR on February 28 in a Standard Edition at $39.99 USD and a Digital Deluxe Edition at $49.99 USD. The latter edition will include four Deco Armors, a dozen Research Points, the game's digital deluxe soundtrack, and a digital deluxe edition Iron Man PS4 theme. Only the Standard Edition will be available as a disc in addition to digital.