Mark Zuckerberg rated top CEO based on employee survey

Career website Glassdoor has posted up its 2013 list of the 50 highest-rated CEOs, and Facebook big wig Mark Zuckerberg has topped the list, with a 99% approval rating from employees, which is up from an 85% approval rating last year. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook fell from the number one spot last year to 18th this year, with an approval rating of 93%, down from 97% last year.

Of course, a 93% approval rating is still pretty darn good if you ask us, and 18th place is still highly respectable, considering that the list is based on over 500,000 company surveys submitted through Glassdoor within the past year. Other companies that made the top of the list include Qualcomm, Google, NVIDIA, and Amazon.

Glassdoor's CEO rankings come from the employees themselves at the respective companies, and they vote on whether or not they're happy with the person leading the company. A 99% approval rating for Facebook's Zuckerberg isn't too shabby at all, and a 14% jump from last year should provide a sign that something changed for the better within the past year over in Palo Alto.

One interesting note, however, is that there's only one female CEO on the list of 50 total bosses, and Yahoo and HP CEOs Marissa Mayer and Meg Whitman didn't make the cut. Victoria's Secret CEO Sharen Turney was the only woman to make the list, with an 82% approval rating. However Mayer did score an 87% approval rating, but since not enough Yahoo employees voted in the survey, she wasn't eligible for the list, which would have her at 32 in the ranks. Whitman was on the list last year, but was bumped off this year.

[via VentureBeat]