Mandriva sells bootable USB drive

Do you enjoy the thought of carrying your OS with you everywhere you go? Well, if you're a Linux user, Mandriva has put together a flash drive that will do just that.

You get Mandriva Linux 2007 KDE 32-bit installed on a 4GB flash drive with many of the common applications that you'll need like Firefox, OpenOffice, Real player and The Gimp. They've also included many drivers for video and wireless cards. All you do is just plug it into any USB-enabled machine and fire it up.

That's a pretty cool idea, but I think $175 is way too much for it. I can buy a 4GB flash drive for a little over $30 and load it with any Linux distro, apps and drivers for free. I guess if you like buying something and not having to configure it then it might be great. But then again, if you don't like installing and tweaking your OS, what are you doing using Linux?

Mandriva Linux on a Stick, Not Carnival Food [via everythingusb]