Man tricks iPhone thief using fake OKCupid profile

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 4, 2013
Man tricks iPhone thief using fake OKCupid profile

Twenty-seven year old Nadav Nirenberg lost his phone during a taxi ride to a music gig, only to wake up the next morning with emails from OKCupid, a dating website. As it turns out, the man who nabbed his lost iPhone was using it – along with Nirenberg’s picture – to hunt for love online. Based on this information, the victim plotted his scheme to get the phone back.

Nirenberg set up an OKCupid profile using a picture of a cleavage-exposing young woman that he found online and named his virtual female self Jennifer Gonzalez. A few hours later, he sent his iPhone thief a message via the profile, only to be asked shortly thereafter: “U wanna meet?” Nadav says that he was giddy with excitement when his trick started to unfold as planned.

Nirenberg replied with “Yeah I kinda do,” and invited him to come over. The thief showed up at Nirenberg’s apartment later that night dressed up for a date, bringing with him a bottle of wine. He knocked on the door, and in return, Nadav tapped him on the back, surprising him from behind. In his hand was a hammer.

Nirenberg told the thief that he wanted his iPhone back, and we’re guessing he got it back pronto. Nadav then gave him a $20 bill (to cover the cost of the wine, perhaps?), which the thief took before promptly bolting. The best part of the story? As the thief made his escape, Nirenberg yelled, “You smell great, though,” referring to the cologne he was wearing.

[via NY Post]

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