Magnetic putty makes Silly Putty look... silly

When I was younger, I thought Silly Putty was the coolest invention ever. You could use it to copy your favorite comics by sticking it to the newspaper, it could be made into all kinds of shapes, and it bounced. My enthusiasm for the material was dampened after a freak Silly Putty accident left me with a black eye.

This new Magnetic Thinking Putty reminds me a lot of Silly Putty only its magnetic and all. You can stretch, bounce, and shape this magnetic putty, but it gets even more fun when you bring a magnet around it.

The maker says that millions of tiny micro sized magnets are inside he putty and when you use the super-strong neodymium magnet included with the putty you can control the putty making it stretch. The putty can even be magnetically charged and pick things up itself. The putty is sold out right now, but when it's back in stock you can get it for $13.50.