Magic Leap shows off AR demo made with no special effects

Earlier this year, Magic Leap published a video that demonstrated its vision, no pun intended, for an augmented reality experience with a still unknown device. Back then, it was already a sight to behold, showing off what AR dreams are made off. That said, it was for all intents and purposes a concept video that showed what can be done. Now Magic Leap is showing what has indeed been done, with a new AR reel that it claims was shot without the use of any special effects or compositing.

In effect, this is what Magic Leap will let you experience when you don its eyewear, which is still tightly under wraps for now. All that we've told is that it will be something people won't be ashamed to wear in public, so no Oculus Rift and no Google Glass. Or at least we hope so.

Hardware is, of course, just one part of the equation. The software, the part that composes the images and overlays it on top of the real world, is equally important. We've seen quite a few AR-based technologies already, the most recent being Microsoft's HoloLens. Magic Leap, which has Google for a investor, will most likely directly compete with that.

The video demo that Magic Leap released isn't as action-packed as its March video, nor is it interactive in any way. The first part of the clip shows off a robot floating underneath a desk. The second part shows an animated model of our solar system, this time floating above a desk. And to prove the real-time, no special effects characteristic of the video, the AR image is overlaid beside a human female nonchalantly working at her own desk.

In both examples, the images produced are clear and vivid. A closeup of the sun and the earth reinforces that feeling as well. Magic Leap may have indeed mastered the art of projecting bright, high resolution AR overlays onto reality but we're still eagerly waiting for it to show off how we'll be able to interact with those images as well.

SOURCE: @MagicLeap