MacBook Air sales dropping fast

It seems that in the long run the MacBook Air hit the exact niche that Apple was aiming for, an executive notebook. The reason for this is largely due to the high price, people are still very interested and intrigued by the notebook, so the desire for it is still up, but demand is down due to the lack of means to purchase, a.k.a. cash money.

Piper Jaffray did some research and found that 60% of Apple resellers are seeing less demand for this notebook than they did for the latest iteration of the MacBook. So, this isn't a MacBook replacement or killer, due solely to its price its been moved up into the same category as the MacBook Pro's.

The same analyst says that across the board sales from the Christmas quarter will drop 18% for Apple, but that the MacBook Air will still be a fair 16% of all Mac sales by the end of this year. Would I take a MacBook Air that costs $1700? Yes, would I pay that much for it, no, I'd go with a MacBook.

[via PCPro]