Lyft Line expands to Denver, San Jose, and four other cities

Sometimes when you're trying to get from Point A to Point B, you're not as worried about how quickly you're going to get to your destination, and you're more concerned with how much it will cost. Sure, calling an Uber or a Lyft can be rather inexpensive, but what if you could get that fare down even lower by splitting it with one or more other people? Well, both companies have ways of doing that, and Lyft is expanding theirs to six new cities next week.

When I was in San Francisco for GDC, I tried out Uber's UberPool car-sharing option. It was especially helpful when getting from the airport, as it was easy enough to find someone that was also headed downtown from there. I assume that Lyft's option is similarly handy. Currently, Lyft's Line carpool service is only available in 9 cities, which makes it less than useful for a majority of people. But starting next week, they'll be increasing that number to 15.

Denver, PhilaDenver, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle and Newark will all be added to the list over the course of next week. Interestingly, the company says that with this expansion, 25% of Americans will now have access to the ability to share rides, using the service.

The company also released an interesting figure, in their announcement. Lyft Line makes up 40% of the total rides taken by people who are in communities where it is available. That's a lot of shared rides.

Source: Lyft