Loreo lens makes your Canon DSLR a 3D camera

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If you like your Canon DSLR but are intrigued by the ability to take 3D pictures a new lens from Loreo called the Stereo Lens-in-a-cap promises to let you keep your cam and add 3D capability. Granted, the lens may well be the ugliest accessories that you well ever attach to your DSLR.

The lens is cheap at $165 and has a pair of lenses that connect to your DSLR lens mount made into one device. It looks a lot like a point and shoot glued onto the front of a DSLR to me. When you press the shutter, you end up with one picture with two images in it.

Once you shoot the pic, you can view it using the Loreo 3D Viewer or change the image into other 3D formats. The maker says that most Canon DSLR camera will support the lens. You can grab one at Amazon now. I wonder if the images are viewable on the new 3D digital frames that have been popping up.