Logitech Squeezebox Controller for iOS turns iPad into remote

Logitech has followed the introduction of its Android Squeezebox controller app with a version for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. A free download, Squeezebox Controller for iOS [iTunes link] allows you to control single or multi-room playback from your Apple device, as well as control streaming radio and search.

As you'd expect there are different layouts for iPad and iPhone, and all the usual Squeezebox functionality is supported. That means Pandora and custom radio stations, music-on-demand with Napster, Amazon MP3 downloads, podcasts and even images from Flickr and other photo services.

It's another sign of Logitech attempting to chip away at Sonos, with the two companies competing to bring the cost of entry for each platform down as much as possible. You'll still need a Squeezebox playback device, but they start from $149.99 for the Squeezebox Radio in white.