Logitech ships billionth mouse

Wednesday Logitech announced that they have shipped their billionth mouse. They are now proposing a contest inviting people to track its billionth mouse shipped. Logitech has been delivering high quality products ranging from webcams, to several different versions of the computer mouse for over 20 years.

To commemorate this milestone, Logitech will be posing one mouse-related question a day on their blog, Blogitech. Each correct answer will get your name in the daily drawing for a Logitech product prize. The timing of the launch of the billionth mouse was to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the first public demonstration of the computer mouse.

Since being founded in a Swiss farmhouse in 1981, Logitech has introduced the first retail mouse in 1985 and managed to reach the 100 millionth mouse mark by 1996. Needless to say the mouse production rate has boomed with manufacturing numbers of an average of 376,000 mice per day and 7.8 million each month. With all the different types and styles of mice that have been produced, we are very excited to see what new devices they will release in coming years.