Lightsaber chopsticks are the coolest thing I can't use

I don't get chopsticks. I have a friend up the street who has Japanese heritage that uses chopsticks no matter what she eats. I've watched her eat rice with the things and been as impressed as watching an engineering professor in college do calculus in his head. I don't like chopsticks, but I totally want this lightsaber set.

Apparently, these new cool lightsaber chopsticks are series 2.0 and can connect together at the end so you can go all Darth Maul on your fried rice. Knowing geeks the way I do, I fear the pointy end might end up in an eye due to some sort of freak staff fighting accident. You can get the things for about $10 per set in a few different styles.

Only the red Darth Maul version connects at the base. These will bring new meaning to playing with your food. If I bought these things even Obi-Wan wouldn't be able help me get rice in my mouth.