Light & Motion's Sidekick adds light to your GoPro

GoPro makes some nifty little cameras, but their usefulness drops drastically when put up against a low-light situation. External lights are the solution, but if you're using a spotlight or some other secondary battery-powered unit, the odds are it is both inconvenient and less than effective. The folks at Light & Motion are addressing that issue with their new Sidekick light, a rectangular LED light that is design specifically for mounting next to a GoPro camera to function as a complementary flash.

The Sidekick is exactly what its name suggests, and it brings itself along with the camera by mounting to the GoPro's own mount. This is achieved using a longer bolt included with the Sidekick, which extends far enough through the mount to screw into the side of the light.

The unit is waterproof so that it can handle going under water, and it features two different LED options — one that is a spotlight for navigating, and one that projects a wider expanse of light for use when recording. Charging terminals lie flush on the back of the device for charging with a USB charger.

Light & Motion, the company behind the Sidekick, is nearing its funding goal on Kickstarter, where it has received $39,880 in pledges, putting it close to its $50,000 goal. There are 28 days remaining. A pledge of $100 USD will get backers a single silver Sidekick, which will ship in March.

SOURCE: Kickstarter