Light Blue Optics comes out with a micro-mini projector

Some people say that the world is small, and some more say that the objects desired in today's world are even smaller and sleeker. So gone are the days of big bulky and as claimed by many high resolution projectors because now better resolution and image quality is available in a small size, and very small indeed. Hold your breaths as Light blue optics comes out with its latest creation, the same being a micro-mini projector, the size of which is as small as that of a matchbox. The secret of the same is the PV Pro technology, which is an automatic mechanical process that scales the low-resolution images into high resolution. The same is also useful in controlling certain hindrances such as keystoning thereby, being of great help when projecting images using a cell phone on nearby walls. A PVPro evaluation kit will be presented by the company at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona next week. The price and the availability of the product is not declared as of now. The gadget makes it easier for the mobile phone users to watch movies on a screen considerably larger than the screen of the mobile phone itself and also makes the task of sharing photographs simpler. All this in a pocket! Hard to imagine and even harder to digest, isn't it?