LG KS20 – 3G Windows smart phone

James Allan Brady - Aug 30, 2007

So, we have our own visitor to IFA this year, as you may have heard, Vincent arrived in Berlin not to long ago. One of the products we are all kind of excited to see more about is the LG KS20, hopefully it will be there and our man Vincent can get us some more shots and info on it.

In the mean time, just for a little teaser, here’s what we have so far. It’s supposed to be a 3G Windows smart phone with a 2.8” touch screen. Its supposed the have the latest Windows Mobile software, version 6.0 for those that don’t know, HSDPA @ 3.6Mbps.

It keeps it skinny at 12.8mm too. Part of that small profile is due to the lack of a keypad, instead the keypad will be on screen. It should also have a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, and FM radio. There will also be a microSD card slot, does that mean this thing will have the A2DP Bluetooth profile then?

Well that’s all we have for now, until we get more info. Oh yeah, the supposed release date is some time in Q4 this year, at least that’s the release date in Europe, who knows if we will even see it stateside.

LG KS20: LG Finally Announcing Prada Phone with Windows Mobile [via SlashPhone]

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