LG KC1 Begs Question "Why Are We So Far Behind?"

While we are just now getting widespread 3G and spotty 3.5G and a major carrier (VZW) has only just recently started offering mobile TV, these things are all standard in Korea. Proof positive is the smart phone that LG just dropped.

It has 4G WiMax/WiBro and mobile TV (DMB) built in. There is also a 2MP camera and 512MB of flash integrated. God knows what all formats the A/V player supports on top of all that there is a microSD card slot allowing for more storage of whatever your heart's desire is. Oh and don't forget the front-side camera (likely VGA) for 3G video conferencing.

Want to know what the phones only two downsides are? First, its only available in Korea (or at least the technology to power it). Second, it is only running Windows Mobile 5 while 6 is out. So, I ask again, why are we so behind?

Need a smartphone? Think LG [via Akihabaranews]