LG's Dual Screen Refrigerator

The kitchen has become the center of the home these days, a place where families gather to cook, eat, do homework, pay the bills, entertain, and perhaps watch TV. As technology such as LCD has pervaded our lives, so shall it our kitchen. LG is upping the game on LCD-plastered appliances by putting two LCDs on their latest LSC27990TT refrigerator model. The main 15-inch display at a resolution of 1,024 x 768 is able to connect to a DVD player while the 4-inch display above the ice/water dispenser is more a "weather and info center." Other features include an FM radio, recipe bank, calendar, digital photo album, and "CustomCube" ice maker. That's a big leap from just keeping our food from spoiling and a big price tag of $3600. I'm thinking maybe I'll just spend $1000 on a nice ordinary fridge and another $2600 on a 46-inch HD LCD flat panel that'll hang nicely on the wall across from the fridge so I can watch more of Rachel Ray in hi-def as I attempt to master her macaronni and cheese cooking technique.

LG's dual screen, HDTV-equipped refrigerator [Via: Engadget]