Let's fix this Android Rooting vulnerability

If you have a Nexus device, chances are you're going to want to update your software today. An exploit has been found in Linux – the base bones of Android – in which an app can be used to root your device. Not just root your device, but create a vulnerability that could spill the innards. A Local Permanent Device Compromise is what this could all lead to, if you're super unlucky. The way to fix this is easy. Just update your device.

Very luckily, Google is aware of the problem and has a patch prepared for the public. The other lucky bit is that apps that'd exploit the vulnerability are not allowed on Google Play. You'd have to download an app from a 3rd-party system, an app which you'd have to understand was potentially dangerous in the first place.

To get a fix for this vulnerability, you'll only need to update your Android device. If you're using a Nexus smartphone, you'll need to head to Settings, scroll down to About Phone, and tap in to System Updates.

1. Settings

2. About Phone

3. System Updates

The process is extremely similar or exactly the same on whatever other Android device you happen to have on you right this minute.

Which devices are vulnerable? According to Google – potentially lots, confirmed: 2. "We have confirmed that this exploit works on Nexus 5 and 6, however all unpatched versions of Android contain the vulnerability."

So should you worry?

Yes, but only if you're the sort of person who downloads apps from places other than Google Play.

If you're not, don't worry! But you SHOULD be accepting software updates from Google regularly anyway. Tap OK!