Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 14-inch Mobile Monitor Hands-on [Video]

This week at Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular 2011 in New York City, we were shown an odd new device by Lenovo. This device was (and is) the ThinkVision LT1421 14-inch Mobile Monitor. It's a bland name, but I assure you, the concept is certainly there. This monitor was announced a few weeks ago in sort of a silent matter, but here we've got it out in the open and ready to be used by our hands and our eyes, and all of it courtesy of Lenovo Brand Ambassador Stephen Miller, a fellow you'll likely see in several Lenovo videos at conventions and presentations galore. He knows his Lenovo, and he was glad to show off this neat new device for us in a video here in this post.

Before getting to the mobile monitor, it made sense to take a glance at a couple other products in the Lenovo line that will appeal to those wanting to make good use of their new ThinkVision LT1421. First we are quickly re-introduced to the Lenovo ThinkPad T420S 14-inch mainstream laptop. Next we get to see a member of the X series of laptops from Lenovo, a series we got to see in the ThinkPad X1 back in May and more recently had a peek at in the Lenovo X121e 11.60-inch notebook, both of them being ultraportable laptops. Then it was time for some mobile monitor action.

This monitor is 14-inches large, weighs less than 2 pounds, and is less than one centimeter at its thinnest point. Its intended uses include flipping around just your extra display for viewing by coworkers, making presentations to small groups in schools, and just plain having fun or gaining some extra effective extra space for your ThinkPad notebook computer.

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All you've got to do once you've got it out of the box is connect it to your laptop via USB, prop it up with its built-in photo frame stand, and you're good to go! Of course you'll also want to consider tilting the unit up or down, this made possible by its back-facing adjustable bar and slot-catching tray. This display matches the ThinkPad series of notebooks and its tray doubles as a screen cover for travel.

Have a look at Miller's hands-on demonstration of this mobile monitor as well as a couple of well-working ThinkPad notebooks and let us know what you think! Then also have a peek at the rest of our hands-on videos from the event in our Pepcom Holiday Spectacular 2011 portal!