Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook revealed

Chris Burns - May 14, 2012, 11:12pm CDT
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook revealed

The next level powerhouse in workhorse Ultrabook has been revealed by Lenovo as being the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, complete with the claim that it is indeed “the world’s lightest 14-inch professional Ultrabook.” This Ultrabook “exceeds Ultrabook specifications” as Lenovo says with its premium Carbon Fiber roll cage enclosure and full package weighing in at 3 pounds. This notebook has a 14-inch display which works with Vibrant Hi-Resolution technology, it being 1600 x 900 pixel resolution with a thin bezel and 300 nit brightness. The keyboard is Lenovo’s latest setup with backlighting as well, so get prepped for a premium experience.

Like the rest of the Lenovo notebooks revealed today, this one comes with 3rd Generation Intel Core options, Dolby Home Theater v4 for audio, and ThinkPad Enhanced Experience 3.0 software to keep you strong in the innards. You’ve got the ability to connect this notebook with Mobile Broadband 3G, vPro technology keeps you up to date on the latest enterprise manageability options, and you’ve got Rapid Charge as an option, this being the ability to charge your computer up to 80% in an amazing 30 minutes.

This new Ultrabook comes with a 720p front-facing camera with Face Tracking, comes with essentially every other awesome upgrade the rest of the ThinkPads have received this week, and has fabulous resilient strength to keep itself in-tact no matter what you toss at it in your day-to-day. This notebook is a beast – have a peek at the massive gallery of images we’ve got in press style and stay tuned for pricing and release information, coming up quick!

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13 Responses to Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook revealed

  1. I absolutely love this design and I believe it will be made from high quality materials, but why does anyone replace the Ctrl with Fn ? I had this kind of laptops with inverted keys and even power buttons on the keyboard, and it was very annoying :(
    anyway, it’s nice to see that Lenovo joined the ultrabook era :)

    • Lenovo lets you switch the Ctrl and Function buttons in a BIOS setting. I do it every time I get a new Thinkpad. 

    • LOL After many years of IBM/Lenovo machines I adopted that order! It helps a bit if you use Mac  :)

  2. I thought Dell had a patent on that Rapid Charge, and they call it Express Charge?  Same fast charge to 80% too.  I wonder how that will turn out.

  3. Finally, an ultrabook with a nipple-mouse!! If only they gave us the option of excluding the touchpad from the build entirely.

    Too bad it’s 14″ and not 13″. 1600×900 on a 13″ would be nice. Not a fan of these chiclet/island keys. I much preferred the old-style IBM  keyboards.

    ThinkPads generally have good Linux/BSD OS support, so I’ll be keeping my eye on this. No point getting a workhorse notebook if I can’t install an OS that can do actual work on it.

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