LEGO Minecraft Gets Bigger: Minifigs At Last

The original Minecraft LEGO set arrived all the way back in the year 2012 – we reviewed it at launch. Since then several LEGO Minecraft sets have been released, each of them with super-miniature pieces. As awesome as they've been, we've still wished for a more natural release with real-deal minifigures to boot. This week we get our wish!

Two sets are being released by LEGO in the very near future. Both The Farm and The Cave will feature the Minecraft character Steve and assortment of bits and pieces unique to the Minecraft universe.

The Farm will feature a new "bread" brick for re-energizing your character. You'll also find a new Sheep and Cow set of square bricks, a pumpkin head brick, and a whole new skeleton head on the original LEGO skeleton minifig body!

The Cave features a new Minecraft LEGO spider head, that same LEGO Minecraft Bread, a whole new TNT block, and both Steve and a Zombie! It's freaky!

We'll be seeing these sets appearing for right around $30 (or so) when they're released later this year. Have at em!

BONUS: There's also a set called "The First Night" that'll be ever-so-slightly larger than these, costing around $40 with new figures and accessories as well!

UPDATE: Now official straight from LEGO!