LEGO Batman 'Behind the Bricks' featurette teases upcoming movie

The LEGO Movie was excellent all around, but it had a surprise fan favorite: LEGO Batman, who ended up being popular enough to bump a LEGO sequel in favor of a dedicated LEGO Batman movie. We'll be seeing that movie hit theaters in the near future, but ahead of it comes a new featurette called "Behind the Bricks," a faux behind-the-scenes video starting LEGO Batman himself with some exciting shots of the upcoming flick.

The featurette opens with some unabashed bragging about The LEGO Movie's theatrical success and Batman's own starring role in it. This is accompanied by an exceptionally appropriate soundtrack and saturated, dazzling images. Not even 20 seconds into the video, and the LEGO Batman movie looks like something absolutely worth going to see.

We get a look at LEGO Batman and his dazzling, crime-fighting life, as well as Alfred Pennyworth and the giant lobster he's cooking for dinner. Still not awesome enough? There's a huge private Bat-swimming pool with its own friendly dolphins, not to mention Robin running around the Wayne mansion making a minor nuisance of himself.

There's a look at Barbara Gordon, her dad, a bit of Gotham and the 'new' city featured in the LEGO Batman movie. There's no shortage of characters, dry humor, and slapstick. Among it all, the Joker rubs his butt on the Batmobile, and goes on to say the LEGO Batman movie takes time to explore his 'sensitive side.' The movie will arrive in theaters on February 10.