LED Roulette Table Ideal For Clandestine Gambling

What is it about projected-on tables that makes me all of a quiver?  Is it the potential to brighten up a dreary meal by superimposing a luscious feast over the top of it?  Or could it be the prank potential of displaying a naughty little mouse running around the newspapers to scare the grandparents?  Whatever it is, boy oh boy do I want one.   Moritz Waldemeyer, a name familiar to anyone who knows him, is the man behind this LED projected roulette table, where people can place bets on an otherwise ordinary work-surface.

Though currently just a prototype, there's obviously plenty of scope for underground gambling dens in places where such money-risking is illegal.  As soon as you get raided, a simple yank of some circuit-breakers and you're running a classy, dimly-lit bistro with no sign of roulette beyond the stacks of chips.  And you could just pretend to eat those, couldn't you.

Moritz Waldemeyer [via CRAVE]