Laser Tag Alarm Clock Is Near Impossible That Early In The Morning

Alright, so imagine waking up with the crusties in your eyes, barely able to see, and you have to hit a bull's eye on a target in order the shut of the noise from hell also known as your alarm clock. Well that's pretty much what you have to do with this alarm clock.

There is a little red gentleman on the top of the alarm clock holding the target and then there is a Star Trek styled laser pointer that you have to shoot the center of the target with. Sure, it sounds simple, but early in the morning even getting out of bed is a chore.

If you still want one, or if you know someone that continually hits the snooze button that really needs one, it is any actual product and you can have one. Sadly though, I couldn't find anywhere that was actually selling them, and I couldn't find a price either.

Laser Target Alarm Clock: There is No Way I'm Doing This in The Morning [via gizmodo]