Laser Light Finger Beams make for cool shutter lag photos

I'm well aware that having light shoot out of your fingertips is pretty much useless, but it's cool, nevertheless. That's why when I set eyes on these Laser Finger Beams, they immediately went on my wish list.

Kids would probably love them, but adults are sure to get a kick out of Laser Finger Beams as well. They work like this: Slip the laser beams onto your fingers and then wave them around. You can write words, shapes and plenty squiggles in the sky with these things.

Of course, in order to get the full effect, you will need to perform your light show at night. And, someone will need to take photos of you in action. Set the camera to shutter lag mode and then don't start your finger waving until after the flash goes off. The result will be bright and defined, plus you'll be able to show your friends just how awesome you are. Light does come out of your fingers, after all.

[via Coolbuzz]