Largest photo ever is a 46TB image of the Alps

The world's largest photo keeps getting bigger, and at this point it's far too big to store on your laptop's hard drive. The latest image to earn the title is a massive shot of the Alps that took more than two weeks to fully photograph and that takes up an astounding 46TB of space. With an image this big, you can zoom in, and in, and in, up to an incredible level of detail. Zoom all the way out, though, and you're graced with an unprecedented photograph of the mountains.

This latest record-setting image was very much a dedicated effort, requiring a total of 70,000 photographs to assemble. This works out to 365 gigapixels (not megapixels, mind you, gigapixels), and is the work of photographer Filippo Blengini (and a larger team, it appears) working with support from Canon.

Snapping the photographs took 15 days that were spent camping in the cold. Following that, it was another two months of post-production work before the resulting image was finalized. You can see the process that went into it in the video above.

The images were taken with a Canon EOS 70D, not surprising considering Canon's support for the task. To compare this with the recent past, the last record-setting image clocked in at 70 gigapixels — something that is now only a fraction of the current record holder.

You can check out the final panorama at The Telegraph.

SOURCE: Gizmodo